Myths & Misconceptions

There’s a whole raft of Myths and misconceptions surrounding waterbeds which is concerning when so many people suffer back problems and other painful conditions such as allergies, yet have never considered sleeping on a pressure-free surface. Why?

They’re heavy!

A good conventional bed with its full weight bearing down on caster or legs has more chance of coming through a ceiling than a waterbed.  A modern waterbed (unlike the 1960’s bag-in-a-box) can weigh proportional less than a fridge, washing machine, bath full of water or a piano.  We’ve been in business over 20 years… NEVER come across a waterbed that has brought a ceiling down.

I’ll be seasick (another classic)

We don’t understand this one as there’s no springs in a waterbed so less movement than on a conventional bed or in a bath full of water.  You or your partner don’t need to bounce around, disturbing each other whilst trying to get comfy and when you do move, which is not very often then the feeling is soft, gentle and therapeutic so, you don’t feel it.

They burst! - Never!

A waterbed will never burst.  It is not under pressure like an air-mattress.  You can take the filler-cap off a waterbed … walk all over it and not lose a drop of water. The mattress itself is extremely strong, well insulated and protected and in the unlikely event of damage, this can be easily repaired restoring your bed to full use again.

Pets can damage a waterbed

Pets …. Some people allow cats or small dogs on their bed … some don’t.  After decades of installing waterbeds we have only ever come across one incident of pet damage and that was when a pet rabbit chewed through the heater cable …. and lived!  The bed was fine!

Our beds have a thick luxurious cover, then you have your own cover-protector, sheets, duvets, covers etc, on top …. as you would any bed.  Small pets, if allowed, love the comfort, warmth and luxury of a waterbed.

They’re expensive!

Depends what value you put on your bed and your quality of life.  An item is only expensive when you don’t get value for money.  We work to Government guidelines, quote: “Best value for money is defined as the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet customer requirements.”

We think it’s true to say that our clients will say …. It’s the best money they’ve ever spent. Not only are our beds comparably priced, but they will still be going strong, giving good service, long after a conventional bed is on the scrap heap, or should be.  That’s value for money!

Price – depends on your choice of course: Size (made-to-measure) upholstery, finishes, stability level and choice of options such as headboards, drawers etc.  You can have a single mattress or you can have dual, each with its own heater and level of stability. The thermostatically-controlled heaters give therapeutic comfort in the winter months, and keep you cool in the summer.

I'm too big!

Our beds are suitable for all shapes and sizes, ranging from single beds to 8ft x 8ft (240cm x 240cm)


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