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The world’s most clean, comfortable beds...

There’s no more hygienic sleeping surface or better support available for a fantastic, refreshing night’s sleep than a waterbed, which cradles you in comfort. No pressure points and, even conformation to your body means waterbeds are therapeutic for relieving soreness and tension. There is also nowhere for allergens to hide on a waterbed mattress.

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Invest in your back

Waterbeds are good for everyone.  Your body has a unique curve.  If you sleep on a bed that is too hard or too soft this curve is forced into an unnatural shape.  This in turn puts pressure on the intervertebral discs.  These discs are the small cushions that act as shock absorbers between the vertebrae.  During the rigours of the day these cushions tend to lose fluid and the elasticity needed to keep the back supple – hence the pain.  A waterbed takes on the natural shape of your body allowing these discs to recover whilst you sleep. No other bed can do this.

Committed to quality & customer care...

Waterbeds UK are one of the longest established, experienced and most professional waterbed suppliers and installers in the country. Not satisfied with anything less than 100% customer satisfaction, we have installed beds in private homes, spas, celebrity mansions, country houses and luxury hotels.

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The best available waterbed technology...

We supply only the very best in waterbed technology.   Having been in business for more than 20yrs, we work to protect our reputation, respect and look after our clients and will only put our name to the very best in build-quality and materials, whilst adhering to best practice on environmental issues and sustainable resources.  We don’t dabble at the bottom end of the market, nor do we sell cheap Chinese waterbed mattresses.  We want our beds to last and be trouble-free.

We Offer...

  • Made-to-measurebedding for all sizes and styles
  • Quality at a competitive price
  • A Range of bed sizes, from single to 8ft x 8ft (240cm x 240cm

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