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SouthWest Waterbeds - one of the longest established, and most professional waterbed suppliers and installers in the country

WaterbedsUK are one of the longest established, experienced and most professional waterbed suppliers and installers in the country. Not satisfied with anything less than 100% customer satisfaction, we’ve installed beds in private homes, UK’s top Exclusive & Luxury Hotel & Spa’s, celebrity homes, country houses and mansions.

We are a family, limited company business, trading under the name of SouthWest Waterbeds with beds in Hong Kong, Lantau Island, Monaco, Gibraltar, Portugal, France, Switzerland and Spain.

Having been in business for more than 20yrs, we protect our reputation, respect and look after our clients and will only put our name to the very best in build-quality and materials whilst taking into account environmental issues.  We don’t dabble at the bottom end of the market, or sell cheap Chinese waterbed mattresses because we want our beds to last and be trouble-free. Our mantra is “We wouldn’t sell to you what we wouldn’t buy for ourselves.”  If it is not good enough for us then it’s certainly not good enough for you!  We do the research to bring to you the very best.


Our client-base ranges from pensioners’ (oldest being 97yrs), those on a limited income, farmers, builders, plumbers, doctors, physios, heavy manual workers, jockeys/equestrian, footballers/celebrities, etc. and all enquiries are treated with the same privacy and confidentiality. However, one person, who quite openly mentioned how much he was missing his waterbed when he was on national television’s I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here, is Harry Redknapp.  So …. it’s not exactly our secret anymore.  At the time, this resulted in lots of calls and emails telling us he’d just mentioned our waterbeds and … Did we see it?   No, we didn’t, but I did thump the air with a  ……. Thanks Harry!

History of Waterbeds

There are many theories on who invented the waterbed.   Several claim to be the first, such as William Hooper and Dr Neil Arnott.  However, having been in business for over 20yrs and having done a lot of research, we’re almost certain it was the Persians who first came up with the concept. 

Over 3000 years ago, they slept on goat-skin waterbags warmed by the sun. Although there have been many attempts, and lots of variations, over the centuries, it was a British Doctor, William Hooper, who in the 1850’s produced something that resembled a bed.  It consisted of a wooden box and a rubberised mattress filled with water ….  affectionately known in the trade as ’A bag in a box.’ You may remember the jokes from the 1960/70.  We supplied a very classy-looking ‘bag in a box’ waterbed for the film depicting the life of Peter Sellers in 2004.

Hooper recognised the medical benefits of sleeping on a pressure-free surface. He wouldn’t be too impressed now, to note that practically every other developed country in the world is way ahead of the UK in accepting the medical benefits of a waterbed.  Mention a waterbed to most Brits and they are horrified and will make comments such as being heavy, will make you feel seasick, will bring the ceiling down, slosh around, etc.  Yes, really, we’ve heard them all.

I was discussing the benefits of our waterbeds with a ‘now’ client whilst we were exhibiting at the Royal Bath & West Country Show one year, when a Westland engineer (as it was then) said:

Yes, of course, I should know that … I’m an engineer!  If there’s pressure there’s strain. “It’s the Archimedes principle.”  “If you put pressure on anything, a bolt, a screw or your back, it will eventually break!”

Quote:  Westland Helicopter Engineer (Just about sums it up really!)



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